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mySQL Insetion error!

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Hi all:


I am suddenly experiencing a problem inserting values into one of my tables in mySQL.


I have a products table:



TABLE `products` (

`ProductID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

`ProductName` varchar(250) NOT NULL default \'\',...........



The DB and this table have been working just fine for over a year now. We only have just abobut 300 products in it, so it\'s nothing big.


As of two days ago when I try to insert a Prodcut into db, either through phpmyadmin OR the backend application which I wrote from scratch, it just doesn\'t work!!


The last proper ID was 296, and since it is an autoincrement field and I do NOT insert any numbers while populating the db, the next should be 297, instead I get the weird 2147483653


I read through mySQL manual, it apparentlyhas something to do with integer range. http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/Numeric_types.html

But the integer range is: -2147483648 2147483647


I\'m nowhere near close to that range!!!!


Do you have any ideas?




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The table may be corrupt. Take a look at running the fixisam or whatever the name of that mysql function is.

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Run this query




REPAIR TABLE works only on MyISAM tables and is the same as running


myisamchk -r products

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