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Posted 21 May 2006 - 03:38 PM


I need help with modifing this script:

    $smarty = new Smarty;
    $smarty->template_dir = "$dir_ws/tiny_templates";
    $smarty->compile_dir = "$dir_ws/tiny_templates_c";

    $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['searchurl'] = '';
    $randlink = '';

    if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] && !$fullurl && !preg_match('/[\W]/',$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])){
      //loading index.php with query
      if($res = checkQueryString($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])){
        //query found
        if($res['showsplash'] && $config['refreshrate']){
          $smarty->assign("fullurl_substr", (strlen($res['fullurl'])>75?substr($res['fullurl'],0,75).'...':$res['fullurl']));
        else js_redirect($res['fullurl']);
        //query did not find

        preg_match("/^((http:\/\/)*)(.*)/i", $fullurl, $matches1);
        preg_match("/^(http:\/\/)*/i", $fullurl, $matches2);

        if($matches1[1]==$matches2[1] and $matches1[3]) $u = parse_url($fullurl);
        else $u['host'] = $fullurl;

        $ip = gethostbyname($u['host']);

        //if($ip == $u['host']){
        //  js_alert ('No such host!');
        $randlink = addLink($fullurl,$ip);

      //loading index.php



Sorry because of big script. This is for making short links, like mypage.com/?532sa. No I would like to change it so that when I type mypage.com/http://www.yoursite.com opens redirecting
to new site and then it redirect to new site. Currently nothing happends when I do that so probably changes need to be under else. The option for short link must stay...

Thank you in advance

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