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automatic data type validation in soapserver/soapclient?

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Hi all,

Using PHP5.1.4, is there any way to enable automatic validatation of values passed to match the datatype defined in the wsdl?

I hit the case below: based on a wsdl, I must send a couple of date parameters (type is xsd:date). When I format my parameters according to specs (YYYY-MM-DD), the request goes correctly. However if I mistakenly send non-conformant data (e.g. a string as "fooYYYY-MM-DDbar"). Neither the soapclient nor the soapserver complain that the data format is invalid and of course my request doesn't return meanigful results.

What I was expecting to see was the soapserver, at least, taking care of the data format validation and throw a soap fault should the format not match.

What gives?


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