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document.all in Safari

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I have used the document.all function as part of an image gallery i am developing. Althought it works fine in IE and Mozilla, i have discovered it is not supported by Safar. What is the best method to correct this problem. Here is my code, I'm a javascript newbie...so i basically don't have a clue what to do.

As you can see it is combined with PHP so ignore all the extra slashes, i pretty much just want to fix it for Safari

"<a href ='#' onClick=";
"'$large_dir$photos_large[$i]' ; document.all.ref.innerHTML='Ref: $photos_large[$i]'";

<div id = \"ref\">Ref: $photos_large[1]</div>";

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use document.getElementById('ref id here').innerHTML this should work in everything. (given that ref have an id).

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