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need help with dates...

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Hello... I need some help with dates...

I had the user input a date using 3 different for fields.
When the submit it, i have 3 variable, one for month, one for day, and one for year.
Each one has a number that represents the mont, day and year.

For example, January 1, 2006 would be stored like this..
$month = 1, $day = 1, $year = 2006

I need to do two things.
I already have validation for the correct number of days in each month.

However, I need to check whether the date they entered has not passed already.
To do this, I need to get the current date.
How would I get the current date and separate each part of it into separate variables for month, day, and year?

Also, after I validate each component, how would I convert the date back into the following format...

Could someone please help?


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