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mySQL error 144

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some tables in my database has crashed! suddenly i can´t open them. I get the error code 144?!! is there someone that knows what i can do to repair or save my data?


I\'ve tryed with \"myisamchk -r\" but that did not help.. it gave me:


- parallel recovering (with sort) MyISAM-table \'x.MYI\'

Data records: 338

- Fixing index 1

- Fixing index 2

- Fixing index 3

Found wrong packed record at 88820

Found wrong packed record at 512288

MyISAM-table \'x.MYI\' is not fixed because of errors

Try fixing it by using the --safe-recover (-o) or the --force (-f) option


and \"--safe-recover\" didn\'t help either.. please help! soemone?!


database: mysql 3.23.52

error: 144

platform: freeBSD

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