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MSSQL + \n\r


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I have a form that includes a text area.  When I insert the value of the text area into MS SQL, it places \r\n etc wherever the user wanted a new line or paragraph.


So for example, in the form, my text looks like this:






in the column in SQL Server, my inserted value looks like:






I need this to insert into SQL server, without those values (basically, I just want to insert exactly as it looks on the textfield when the user fills it in).  In MySQL, I have no problem with this since it seems to insert normally (although I think PHPMyAdmin might format those fields with nl2br() automatically, not sure about that).  Then, when I display these from a SELECT on my site, I need to be able to use the nl2br() function normally so that the text gets formatted for display.


I tried using a couple different forms of preg_replace(), but can't seem to get that right, not does str_replace() seem to do what I want.


I've searched and searched for something on this, and can't seem to get what I'm looking for.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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Nevermind, I was passing the string through a deprecated custom function that was using the function mysql_real_escape_string() before it was being inserted.  Removing this and using a stripslashes() on the string before insert works the way I intend.

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