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Regex Headaches, Part 2

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I hate regex [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/huh.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":huh:\" border=\"0\" alt=\"huh.gif\" /]

Anyways, just another problem: named backreferences are not working here.
(.*) works fine, but if I try something like (?P<name>.*) it won't work (the script will hang).

What's wrong?
Thanks [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/smile.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":smile:\" border=\"0\" alt=\"smile.gif\" /]

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There was a bug in older versions of PHP where using named groups could lead to errors/crashes etc. Try using the latest version available for download or try one of the latest snapshots [a href=\"http://snaps.php.net/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://snaps.php.net/[/a].

Until most hosts upgrade(unless this is a personal project or you're using either a dedicated server or Vps), you should probably avoid using named groups if you can.

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