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mysql wildcards in url

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I have a numeric paramter that I give it's value in the url like that


sometimes I need to display all the categories how to do that without making a second page , is there a way that I can pass a wildcard character to the select syntax so I get all records ?

sql :

FROM products
WHERE (category_id = colname)

I use $_GET['category_id'] for colname parameter


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You can do that by not setting the category_id variable or by setting it to 'all'. Then you will need to do a check on it to determine which sql statement you will need to run.


Then you would check it like this.

    $category_id = $_GET['category_id'];

    if($category_id == 'all')
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM products";
        $sql = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE category_id = $category_id";

And then you can run your query with $sql.

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