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Just an idea...?

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A bit of an essay but it should be simple if you know how i think! :S

Im trying to add a photo gallery to my g/f's site.. As my host has no form of php support at all.. ie safe mode is on ect ect i cant add my own gallery to my site.. so i setup a gallery on bravenet ( [a href=\"http://pub20.bravenet.com/photocenter/album.php?usernum=1656055497&album=39846\" target=\"_blank\"]http://pub20.bravenet.com/photocenter/albu...497&album=39846[/a] ) what i want t do is just add the white part where the pictures are to here photos page. ( [a href=\"http://bexbomb.110mb.com/pictures.htm\" target=\"_blank\"]http://bexbomb.110mb.com/pictures.htm[/a] ) so it looks like part of her site. But so she can`just add pictures to bravenet and they will appear on her page.. I guess i need something like a Iframe but i wont be able to just choose that white section with that and it wont grow and shrink when you view the picture full size..

Any ideas's guys??

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