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PHP Cli and Mysql

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Hi All,

I am stuck with a small problem. I have been using PHP/Mysql for quite a while, but all my work has been on PHP-Mysql scripts hosted on a webserver (Apache).

A few days back I tried installing a package that required me to execulte a PHP script in command line. But the installation failed because it could not recognise the Mysql related PHP functions.

[code]khader@ubuntu:/var/www/webabel$ php install.php

Fatal error: Call to undefined function:  mysql_connect() in /var/www/webabel/inc/querytool.php on line 10[/code]

I could not figure what package I need to install to get this running. Can someone help me here?

Existing packages
php4 - 4.3.10-10ubuntu4.2
libapache2-mod-php4 - 4.3.10-10ubuntu4.4
php4-cgi - 4.3.10-10ubuntu4.4
php4-cli - 4.3.10-10ubuntu4.4
php4-common - 4.3.10-10ubuntu4.4
php4-gd - 4.3.10-10ubuntu3.7
php4-mysql - 4.3.10-10ubuntu3.7
php4-universe-common - 4.3.10-10ubuntu3.7

My Distribution is Ubuntu 5.04

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