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Help unistalling apache.

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Hi peeps,

First post for me :D


Right I have some trouble. I installed PHPtriad didn\'t like it (out of date) so uninstalled it, then tried sokkit but didn\'t want to pay the money so uninstalled that.

So now I\'ve installed apache from their website. It works fine but for one thing. When I check the service by putting my mouse over the icon in my task bar it says running 1 or 3 services. Clicking on it show what\'s running eg:

Apache (not running)

Apache2 (running)

PHPgeekUtil (not running)


I\'m guessing that the first instance of apache and PHPgeekUtil are left over from me installing sokkit.

Can this be removed/fixed? Or would it be better uninstalling all and then reinstalling apache?




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