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Reporting and PDFs


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I am looking for two tools that will assist in the preparation of professional solutions in PHP: A database Report writer (simple) and a PDF generator for output.

I know that these exist, but I have not yet foudn anything that really fits the bill.

I need to produce output from databases in report form that can be viewed on screen, and also printed. PDF seems the most viable medium for this. I need the basics like column selection, sorting, filtering and grouping, as well as summary info (much like - dare I mention it - MS Access). it would be really cool to ouput this to PDF files for download or emailing. the main concern is the page breaking. Obviously one owuld need to be able to output in portrait or landscape.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for me (I am willing to pay (but not tooo much) if necessary. I would also prefer not to learn another language if possible, as i would prefer to control this with PHP scripting. I would also want to isntall this on either a Linux or a Windows environment.

I am willing to do some of the work myself if a complete solution is not available, or possibly combine two products.

Am I asking for too much (the Holy Grail of web applications)?

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