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cannot connect with with MySQL root user

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I\'m really losing the will to live here. I\'m now into my 2nd installation of mySQL under OS X 10.2.8. My first install was removed using Marc Liyanage\'s removal script and did a nice and tidy job.


2nd install went fine, I managed to do a test connect using

I then went ahead and did (as recommended) the setting of the password for the root user via:

And now (just as before in the first install) I can\'t connect to the database using the root user. the following line

  • /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --user=root mysql

comes back with

ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: \'root@localhost\' (Using password: NO)

which suggests that I haven\'t set the password... but I have (see above)


Oddly enough, I can connect to mySQL using the mySQL user (standard in OS X 10.2) via:

but I can\'t really do anything as any attempt to create for example

  • mysql> INSERT INTO user VALUES(\'localhost\',\'root\',PASSWORD(\'some_pass\'),

-> \'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\',\'Y\');

results in ERROR 1046: No Database Selected


What am I doing wrong ? help !!!



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try using the p switch:


/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql --user=root mysql -p


you should get prompted for a password.


for the no databased selected error type use databasename; once you are connected, then attempt your insert.

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thanks effigy - think I\'m a step further now. running \'status\' in mysql now says I\'m logged in as root@localhost.


many thanks,


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