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Login , signup and payment

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I been asked so many time this question ,

i need to use jooomla content management system for main pages and only problem i am having i want to make changes in login area..... i want if some body enter logon information it should redirect to mypages.php and even is there any script like cgi scipt which can sign up and verify the login etc. check this a cgi si script is been used on this website i need something like this ....

[a href=\"http://www.geopakistani.com/amember/signup.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.geopakistani.com/amember/signup.php[/a]

when user click on signup it comes on this screen i know its amember pro but how to use it with Joomla and if any script silimilar to like this ..


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You're asking for someone to write a full script for you? I think this is a question for the freelancing section!

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