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Complex Query problem


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I am in desperate need for help.
I am trying to create a page with a top 20 chart.
The problem I am having is that I can't get the COUNTS for last month and this months
ordered by the position this month descending.

The fields I am using are :

Table --> bfpomerchants
[blockquote]Appropriate fields --> companyID (INT) & company (VARCHAR)[/blockquote]
Table --> click_log
[blockquote]Appropriate fields --> clickID (INT), date (timestamp) & companyID (INT)[/blockquote]

I have tried all sorts of JOINS, COUNTS and every other method I know of.
I have figured out the
[code]WHERE MONTH(`date`) = MONTH(CURDATE())-1[/code]
for last month, and without the -1 for this month.
I can get the values for last month and this month from seperate statements,
but I need them in a seperate statement
This is what I'm using to get them seperately
[code]SELECT COUNT(c.clickID) AS lastMonth, b.company
FROM bfpomerchants b RIGHT JOIN click_log c USING (companyID)
GROUP BY b.company
ORDER BY lastMonth DESC;[/code]

I have tried doing it myself but ended up with a statement that didn't work and was taking up to
and just over 180 seconds.

Can anybody help me, if you need any info on the field structure then just ask.
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After all that it was just a simple query
[code]SELECT bfpomerchants.companyID, bfpomerchants.company,
(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM click_log
WHERE click_log.companyID = bfpomerchants.companyID AND
MONTH(`date`) = MONTH(CURDATE())-1) AS lastMonth,
(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM click_log
WHERE click_log.companyID = bfpomerchants.companyID AND
MONTH(`date`) = MONTH(CURDATE())) AS thisMonth
FROM bfpomerchants
ORDER BY thisMonth DESC[/code]
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