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  1. Wait -- you just want to show the first 5 awards a given member has? Simple JOIN with LIMIT.
  2. 5.1 has a event scheduler... but cron really is the way to go.
  3. You'll need a temporary table to do that -- but given the complexity of your query, I think there's something fundamentally flawed.
  4. What's more, if this has to be done by "tomorrow morning", it sounds like a homework assignment.
  5. Yes, except you can't merge * and GROUP BY.
  6. Well, then use something unique for another table, and use BETWEEN.
  7. Then what is unique in that table? Something numeric, perhaps?
  8. To get your friend's friends, you'll need to join twice -- do you have this query working?
  9. well, you don't appear to have a UID on the worldcitylist table...
  10. You'll have to batch your updates -- based on UIDs, not random DB order and LIMIT. But you really should check out those warnings.
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