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  1. You can do magic with SUBSTRING_INDEX and POSITION, but I'm not sure you want to.
  2. fenway

    how to search only letters and numbers in tables

    You can use REGEXP -- but it won't be very efficient.
  3. fenway

    duplicate entry with a series number

    Duplicate should be referring to individual field values, not parts of a field -- storing delimited data that you need to consider separately is likely going to bite you soon enough, if it hasn't already. There's all sorts of tomfoolery you can do with FIND_IN_SET(), but I don't recommend it.
  4. Just post the EXPLAIN and we'll see how bad it is.
  5. fenway

    php and mysql transaction issue

    Very difficult to tell what you're fererring to -- but I'm assuming that your PHP code isn't actually *making* a table -- DML vs DDL matters.
  6. fenway

    Back To Badged: Ch0cu3r

    Welcome back... it's been a while, but I'm still here ;-)
  7. fenway

    Pull columns from 2 tables

    Assuming it truly goes into the "same dropdown", you might get away with some version of UNION.
  8. I'm not certain LAST_INSERT_ID() is meaningful after that last SELECT -- why do you need to get the values you just inserted? Why not do with inside a function?
  9. fenway

    mysql replication phpmyadmin windows version

    Are you getting that error in the replication thread?
  10. Start by posting the actual code for the SP.
  11. fenway

    mysqldumper login issue

    What's mysqldumper?
  12. fenway

    mysql replication phpmyadmin windows version

    Well, this is the problem -- the DBs need to begin in an identical state in order to begin replication.
  13. fenway

    mysql replication phpmyadmin windows version

    How did you set up the slave DB to beginwith?
  14. fenway

    New Guru: AbraCadaver

    Here's to more active gurus!
  15. fenway

    #1034 - Incorrect key file for table, corrupt table

    Just delete the MYI file and repair the able.

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