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Does anyone have an unwanted Website/Database they can pass onto me?

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Hi everyone.

For my University project I need to develop a basic website interface that has links to a MySQL database. The

website must be used for some sort of user interaction such as a buying procedure (or online ordering) like you would find on real sites like www.dabs.com or www.misco.co.uk. PHP scripts should be used for this. The requirements I need for the site/database are:

- Store goods and customes into the linked database
- Username and Password logins
- Ability to add items to a 'Cart'
- Ability to calculate the total price at the 'Checkout'
- And of course to send the transaction thorugh.

I am seriously running out of time as I have other work to complete, so I was wondering if anyone here has an example base website/database they built or found and don't want? If so could you get in touch or even be able to send the relevant files (html, php, etc. etc.) to me, so I can modify it for my project?

My email is: blueallsorts@hotmail.com

I know it's kind of rude to ask for this kind of thing, but I am seriously running out of time. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I wasn't sure where to post a topic like this, so mods can move this topic to an area deemed suitable.

Thanks for your time,


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So this is what university has come to these days....
If only your prof. could see this.

I hope family doctors don't ask forums for help after they get a few patients...

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go to osCommerce and claim you made it.


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