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Include() function no longer working

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I am currently testing a php form on a new server, which hasn't gone public yet. I am working on a vurtual server. One form, floor estimation form, is supposed to carry a variable from a link to load color selection. The code is below:

[code]       <?php    
    include "".$color.".php";
         ?>    [/code]

Link to the problem form: [a href=\"http://gndzero.com/form-test/flooring-estimation-new.php?item=DuroStat%20Tile&color=dscolor\" target=\"_blank\"]http://gndzero.com/form-test/flooring-esti...e&color=dscolor[/a]

I tested it on my host and it worked fine, so I wonder if its a php version issue. [a href=\"http://www.gndzero.com/flooring_estimation.php?item=DuroStat_Tile&color=dscolor\" target=\"_blank\"]Here's what it should look like when the colors load.[/a]

The php version of the new server is 4.4.2-1-1b1
The one I tested it on, my host, is: 4.4.1 [i]- it works on this one!![/i]

Where should I start on this issue?

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I suspect that register_globals is turned off on the other host. Which is why the value of $color is not being recognized. If the value is being passed via the url...then do this:

[code]$color = $_GET[colorvalue];

include $color.'.php';[/code]

If it's being submitted via a form, then do this:

[code]$color = $_POST[colorvalue];

include $color.'.php';[/code]

Hope that help. Good luck.

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