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Problem with DBX & MySQL

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I jsut started using DBX and am encountering a problem. In my script i make a new class for batabase functions, and within that class I have a connect function, it looks as follows:
class db
var $module = DBX_MYSQL;
var $server = "";
var $username = "web";
var $password = "banga28leiden";
var $database = "comments";
var $dbconn;

function connect()
$this->dbconn = @dbx_connect($module, $server, $database, $username, $password)
or die("<b>Could not connect to database!</b>");

when I call $db->connect() from my script, it doesnt work, but when I just use the dbx_connect function in my script (and not throught the db class) it works fine. Any suggestions?

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