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Build or Use Existing CRM

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I am trying to develop a new CRM product for a Housing management system and well I was wondering it is going to have alot of information would the best thing to do would be to use Drupal then build modules into that since it has core features taken care of or to just start from scrath.
Items that need to be integrated:
-User Management
-Room Management
-Key Management
-Automatic Room Assignments
-Maintenance System
-and more......

Is drupal the best thing, or is there a better CRM? Or go on my own!

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I don't know who all can answer your question but if you're new to PHP and/or programming in general, I wouldn't try to come up with your own CRM project right away. While you COULD come up with a CRM project for all of the hyphenated listings, it would be a HUGE project; one that would require reliable and consistent results and you're probably just better off purchasing one.

and i have no idea what drupal is.

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