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Email webpages:page displays within mail

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I need to create an application which takes in a webpage link and then sends and email.

the email has to display the whole of the webpage within the mail.

i believe the only way to do this is to execute a php file and then read the page and convert it to HTML page and read the HTML page as a stream embedded the html code within the mail and send it.

Are there any other options????

- how do i read a php file and then save it as HTML file and read the HTML file as a File stream...

NEED HELP And SUGGESTIONs [img src=\"style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/huh.gif\" style=\"vertical-align:middle\" emoid=\":huh:\" border=\"0\" alt=\"huh.gif\" /]

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I dont have the exact code but..

There is the ability to read a file with php. You could read from a .html file line for line and not strip out the tags.

Then in your email you would have to make sure the email header contains the type for sending HTML msgs.

Then just read from the variable you used from reading the file and use that for the body?

As for having PHP read a link and pull the info from a link, I dont have knowledge on that.

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