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List Boxes......cont

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ok so why is this not working?:

<label for="db_table_list">Tables</label><select name="db_table_list" id="db_table_list" size="2" multiple>{foreach from=$db_table_list item=i key=k}<option value={$i}>{$i}</option>{/foreach}</select>

all it does is create a real thin box like it wants to add the options in but cant. If i take out size="2" and multiple it works fine as a drop down, but thats not what i need

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I hope this:

[code]{foreach from=$db_table_list item=i key=k}<option value={$i}>{$i}</option>{/foreach}[/code]

Is pseudocode, else it won't work obviously.

Maybe it's a HTML display problem. multiple should be fine, but it's recommended to use multiple="multiple". Also try to open the generated source and see if the option values are in there.

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