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SSL on Apache 2.0.47 for Windows 2K

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Can anyone help me find out installing SSL onto Apache Windows ?


I will happly pay a reasonable fee for doing this to cover time etc... I am getting desperate, to the end that I may just give up and move back to IIS :-(






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Well, you can put your windows install CDs away - go and take a look at http://tud.at/programm/apache-ssl-win32-howto.php3. There is a link from there to an apache 2.x version but it seems to be on a linux install, so you might have to fudge a bit between the two!


Hope that helps!




Oh yes, and if you\'re looking for somewhere to send that fee to, there\'s a paypal link on the front page of phpfreaks.com that will help keep this forum alive!

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