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[SOLVED] Problem with distinct...

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I have a table with: id, email, typeofmember, somethingelse


I need to select DISTINCT email and so only email field got selected by DISTINCT.


When I do:

SELECT DISTINCT email, typeofmember, somethingelse FROM table;

I still don\'t get \"unuiqe\" email...


After reading alot of posts here I\'ve tested this:

$temp = mysql_query ("CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp_email_db AS SELECT DISTINCT email FROM fint_mail_db WHERE mailtyp=$mailtyp");

$result = mysql_query ("SELECT a.email AS email, a.mailtyp AS mailtyp, a.id_code AS id_code, a.id AS id FROM fint_mail_db AS a, temp_email_db AS b WHERE a.email=b.email");

$temp = mysql_query ("DROP TABLE temp_email_db"); 


But that does not work either cause I need it by id... and if I do it by id email doesn\'t get distinct :)


I need help ;)


Thx in advance, sry for my bad explaining...




WIIIIIIIIII =) I did it =) *happy again*


SELECT email, mailtyp, id_code, id FROM fint_mail_db GROUP BY email ORDER BY email

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