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ihelp! Installing MySQl on Windows 2000

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Hi, im installing MySQL on this Windows 2000 computer, I am following http://www.phpfreaks.com/mysqlmanual/page/...Installing.html i am stuck at section Running MySQL on Windows

It state:


The default privileges on Windows give all local users full privileges to all databases without specifying a password. To make MySQL more secure, you should set a password for all users and remove the row in the mysql.user table that has Host=\'localhost\' and User=\'\'.


You should also add a password for the root user. The following example starts by removing the anonymous user that has all privileges, then sets a root user password:


C:> C:mysqlbinmysql mysql mysql> DELETE FROM user WHERE Host=\'localhost\' AND User=\'\'; mysql> QUIT C:> C:mysqlbinmysqladmin reload C:> C:mysqlbinmysqladmin -u root password your_password

After you\'ve set the password, if you want to shut down the mysqld server, you can do so using this command:


C:> mysqladmin --user=root --password=your_password shutdown




I followed the steps and recieved the following error:

C:> C:mysqlbinmysqladmin --user=root --password=my_pass shutdown

C:mysqlbinmysqladmin: connect to server at \'localhost\' failed

error: \'Access denied for user: \'root@\' (Using password: YES)\'


CAn any one help?

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