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PHP/Mysql record update

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I am totally new to PHP. I have tried in vein to understand how it works. I am so frustrated. I know how to make a database and a table. I know how to make a form that will in put data into the table. I know how I can make a record set that an "admin" can view and update each record by selecting the record to update (sending a $id via the URL line to the script as the record to update. But for the life of me I can not figure out how to write a form/script that would allow a single user to log on and update thier specific record.

Please I need help with this. I have tried for countless days to get this to work with no success. My bigest problem is the update form. Not an admin type form that an admin can update any record from, but a single user form that only that user can update (except the admin) of course.

As I understand it, this is best acomplished with sessions.

Any small script examples to this would be a great help!!

Register/Login/View Account/Update Account

Please help this is driving me crazy!

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