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Formatting Issue

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Hi, all -- I have a question that is purely for formatting, but I'm not sure how to even search for this, or how to call things.

I'm dealing with a database where users' contact information will be returned. I have two fields for address: address1 and address2. An example is that if the person has entered two address lines, I want it to print:

address1, address2
city, state, zip

But if they have only entered the first line & the second line is empty, I don't want it to print:

city, state, zip

So I think I need to write a little function for each formatting issue that would say, for example,
if NOT NULL . . then echo ", address2""
else do nothing

Such a silly thing -- but I'm not sure how to start. There are several of these that pose a problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction, even just to tell me how to search for help?

Thank you!


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You have the right idea. Right after $address1, you will need an if statement to determine whether or not to display $address2.

if($address2 != "")
    echo(', ' . $address2);

Or something similar to that.

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