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Subselect in MySql 3.23.46

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Hi, I\'m having a problem with MySql 3.23.46 :?:


I\'m trying to execute a query which has a SUBSELECT.



$strSql = \"SELECT *\";

$strSql .= \" FROM Intervenciones I\";

$strSql .= \" WHERE IntDocId=\" . $docId . \" AND NOT EXISTS\";

$strSql .= \" (SELECT ResIntId FROM Respuestas R WHERE\";

$strSql .= \" R.ResResIntId=I.IntId)\";




$strSql = \"SELECT *\";

$strSql .= \" FROM Intervenciones\";

$strSql .= \" WHERE IntId IN (SELECT ResResIntId FROM Respuestas\";

$strSql .= \" WHERE ResIntId=\" . $intId . \");\";



I read the MySql 4.1 manual and it says that SUBSELECT\'S are available.


I would like to know if my MySQL version is not able to run queries with SUBSELECT\'s.


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.. but you can still rewrite the query without a subquery.


SELECT Intervenciones.* FROM Intervenciones,Respuestas WHERE Intervenciones.IntId=Respuestas.ResResIntId;

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This should replace the NOT EXISTS subquery



$strSql = \"SELECT *

FROM Intervenciones I LEFT JOIN Respuestas R

ON R.ResResIntId=I.IntId

WHERE I.IntDocId= \'$docId\'

AND R.ResResIntId IS NULL\";




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:D thanks, you confirmed my suspects and investigation.


i had already solved my sql queries, i just wanted to confirm that my version is not able to run subselects.


I replaced old queries with:


$strSql = \"SELECT Intervenciones.*\";

$strSql .= \" FROM Intervenciones\";

$strSql .= \" INNER JOIN Respuestas ON (ResResIntId=IntId)\";

$strSql .= \" AND (ResIntId=\" . $intId . \");\";




$strSql = \"SELECT Intervenciones.* FROM Intervenciones\";

$strSql .= \" LEFT JOIN\";

$strSql .= \" Respuestas ON Intervenciones.IntId=Respuestas.ResResIntId\";

$strSql .= \" WHERE Respuestas.ResResIntId IS NULL AND IntDocId=\". $docId;




Ahh !!!!! Sorry about my english, it could be bad because i speak spanish and i loose a little practice speaking english.

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