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Creating a MySQL database on remote server - where is MySQL?

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Hi all,


This may well be a really daft question but if anyone can help out it would be much appreciated.


I am looking to create a new MySQL database on my remote server. When I make a database on my local server (Apache on Mac OSX) I open up the terminal and type /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql and everything MySQL related appears.


How do I find out the path to MySQL on the remote Linux machine? The MySQL directory is (obviously) locked away somewhere on the remote server so that the multiple domains can\'t get to each others databases but what do I need to type into the terminal to reach MySQL and create a new database? I am the overall administrator of all the domains so I know the usernames/passwords etc., I just can\'t find MySQL!


Thanks for your patience and thankyou, in advance, for your time!



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