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check for substring within string

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i'm not sure what to use...i've been perusing the php manual with no luck. i simply want to check for the existence of a substring within a string...can anyone nudge me in the right direction?


ok, i finally found it...here's the code...

$mystring = 'abc';
$findme  = 'a';
$pos = strpos($mystring, $findme);

// Note our use of ===.  Simply == would not work as expected
// because the position of 'a' was the 0th (first) character.
if ($pos === false) {
   echo "The string '$findme' was not found in the string '$mystring'";
} else {
   echo "The string '$findme' was found in the string '$mystring'";
   echo " and exists at position $pos";

// We can search for the character, ignoring anything before the offset
$newstring = 'abcdef abcdef';
$pos = strpos($newstring, 'a', 1); // $pos = 7, not 0

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