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Allow more than two simultaneous downloads...

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I am wondering if there is a way to allow more than two simultaneous downloads from my webserver (apache). The reason is that I have a flash player that is constantly caching the next thing to be played so there is a possibility that when you log onto the page you not only have to download the data and pictures from the page, but you also have to download the data from flash. I have made it so that it waits about eight seconds before the flash player starts to download stuff, this creates enough time for the rest of the page to cache, but once the player starts they are stuck waiting until one of the feeds is done so they can't navigate to other information while they wait.

I am sure that there has to be a way to fix this, but I just don't know how. I saw a post that is a few below mine that uses the header info, but I don't think that pertains to my problem, does it?

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