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Directory listings

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As I am sure I\'m not the only one who wants a feature like this I\'l write it here.


Would it be possible to write a new module or upgrade the existing module \'mod_autoindex\' so we could set it to use a specified file to generate directory listings. Instead of having either the default directory listing, or having to put the list file in all the folders.

Would this be possible?


Since I want my folder listings more pretty this is something I would really like to see as a upgrade for both Apache 1.3 and Apache 2.

Personaly I\'m still using 1.3

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Well.. using a php file is exactly what I want to do.. I just want to make Apache automaticly load a php file that does it for me if there is no index in the directory, so I don\'t have to add a php file that does it every time I create a new folder.

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