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Counter per Hour...

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Not sure how I would set up for something like this.

I have a site where users enter information in and it gets time stamped to a MySQL Database.

What I want to do is display to the users how many entries are entered at any given time over the course of an hour.

So an Entries Per Hour kinda deal.

Would I make the query look like:

SELECT count(*) FROM myTable WHERE date_entered >= AN AN HOUR AGO FROM NOW

Not sure if I would use SQL's time functions or PHP's Time functions, and how :)


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You could do the whole day with

[code]$res = mysql_query("SELECT DATE_FORMAT(tstamp, '%h %p') as hour, COUNT(*) as total
                FROM tablename
                GROUP BY hour") or die(mysql_error());
while (list($hour, $total) = mysql_fetch_row($res))  {
    echo "$hour : $total<br>";

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