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Text Databases...

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Maybe some of you guys have already done this, but as new as I am with PHP I am happy that I figured it out...

I finally learned how to create a login script using only a text document.

What you can do with it is register, login, and logout with just PHP/Text. I wanted to figure this out, because on register.com, where I have an account, you cannot connect to a database. So I just decided to get one working with text. Some of you may be thinking that if someone knows the name of the text file, they could get all of the usernames/passwords. But, I used an MD5 encryption function to do that so no one can see the password...

If, now IF, I am correct, you cannot decrypt an MD5 encryption. So if someone could clarify that for me it would be great. As soon as my subscription runs out, I am going to get another host.

If anyone can suggest some websites that are good for a PHP/MySql. But what I want for those is a file manager so I can create up to as many pages as I need, and a good database control panel. I may not find one, but it is something I could get help for... I spent over 150 on another site, and they only allow you to have a 5 page site, and you cannot edit the source. So that is why i am asking anyone that can help me with choosing one.

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No, your can't decrypt MD5, but you can crack short passwords with a brute force attack. About 25 seconds for a four letter password. And maybe 2 days for a 12 letter password. About the website part. Are you wanting a free webhost? One that runs PHP and MySQL? I didn't understand your post. But think I could help.


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