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creating a database....

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ok for my site i have Xitami and PHP installed. I want to install forums like this one (phpBB2) and all i need now is a mysql database. I dont know ANYthing about mysql. Wuts the fastest pain-free way to set one up? GUI is nice if there is any.....dont forget, all i need this for is forums. thnx

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First you have to say about the OS you are using.


Intslling mysql in windows is no big deal.


Get yourself the mysql setup www.mysql.com


and you can get yourself a copy. Run the setup which will take you to a step by step installation and you can alswyas go with the default value thats selected.


Once mysql is installed you can see a service \"mysql\" in the list of services. Bydefault they are configured to automatic which means they will start as soon as you boot your system.


You may also have a icon showing the statsu.


To do that




Run this exe and you will see an iconw hich will show you all the details about your mysql.


Installing phpbb is explained step by step in the readme which comes along with the PHPBB so you have to spend some reading it.

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