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I would like to create a sign up form for email for my website [a href=\"http://www.hennersp.com\" target=\"_blank\"]Hennersp[/a] how do i do this

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do you already store user's info in a database or flatfile? if so then you can simply pull the info from there.

no info being stored anywhere right now? You need to setup a database or save the info in a flatfile (personally, i'd go for the database), with columns such as 'user' 'email' (although i guess depending on your needs you really only need an 'email' column).

then you need to make a form where the user inputs the information you want to get from them (like their email address), and make a script that will update your database with their information.

then you need to make another script where you can enter in whatever message you wish to send people, and the script will pull out all the email addresses from the database and email everybody your message.

if you don't have any idea whatsoever how to do any of this, then i suggest looking for a prefab script to do it for you - but even with that, you are going to need to know how to setup your database, unless you can find a prefab script that uses flatfiles for storage.

but if you really want to make your own script but you don't have any idea how to go about doing the above, then start with the basics. Read some tutorials on how to get info from forms, how to update your database, etc.. It might be easier for you to find a tutorial that uses a guestbook as an example script to learn from. It has a lot of the same things you will need, such as creating your table in the database, getting input from the user and storing it in the database, and retrieving the info later. All you would really need to do to convert a guestbook script to an email mailing script is remove some of the user input you don't need (like the actual guestbook comments) along with the columns that would hold the info, and you wouldn't need to display the info later on, just retrieve it. Then all you reall need beyond that is to use the mail() function to mail off your stuff. you can go to [a href=\"http://www.php.net/mail\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.php.net/mail[/a] and see how to use it.

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Well, creating your own sign up script ( I guess it's for a member system...) is not that easy if you do not know php to well...

So I recommend to you to download a sign up script at a website, and studie it well. Then reconstruct it to your own needs.

(PS: you will need a MYSQL database for a sign up script or you could always save your datas in a file, but I don't recommend that...)


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