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Default root password??

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I recently (re)installed Red Hat 8.0 on a spare computer, and set it up during the install to include Apache, PHP and MySQL. Everything works fine, but there\'s one problem: MySQL gives me an error when I try to connect, presumably because I\'m not specifying a password (it does this even when I type mysql -u root). However, I never was able to SET a password. I tried typing the following to set one:


# mysqladmin -u root password [my password]


and it gives me the connection refused error. So.. is there a default password that for some reason I don\'t have? Is it included in a specific file so I can find out what it is? I would just uninstall it (funnily enough it says that the packages aren\'t installed, even though I know it is!) and compile it manually, but I don\'t know how to configure it so I can use it with PHP (using it on Linux is new to me.. I normally use PHP and MySQL with IIS on WinXP Pro).


Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance! :D

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