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mysql select

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I am wondering how I can find out the index of a row in a MySql table given a certain order. For example I have a table containing information of some images on my computer. After


SELECT * FROM Images WHERE Id=\'12\' ORDER BY Date


I get an Image and want to find the next image (next in the Date order). So I would like something as


index = GETINDEX FROM Images WHERE Id=\'12\' ORDER BY Date

nextimage = SELECT * FROM Images WHERE ORDER BY Date LIMIT index+1, index+1


Someone know how to code this into a proper SQL query?




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Not quite sure why you would need to do what you are talking about.

Could you not iterate through the recordset you already have. You have specified a date order so the next record in the recordset would be the next record by date. If not I would do something like this

Select the record

Display the current record

Move to the next record and get an id column stored as a var


This would allow you to page through the results.


Though this should be a good tutorial for you :http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/73/0.php

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If think you mean you wanna only see one then have the option to see the next. This is the only thing I can think of. Of course you\'ll have to add your username/password info but this is the jist of the script.



if (!isset($list)) {

$list = 1;



$sql = \"SELECT * FROM images WHERE Id=\'12\' ORDER BY Date LIMIT $list\";

$result = MySQL_query($result);

$results = MySQL_fetch_row($result);

$info = $results[\'Info\'];


echo \"$info\";




$echo \"<br><a href=\'thisfile.php?list=$list\'>Next image\'s info</a>\";


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