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Viewing a database within Dreamweaver

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I am using dreamweaver to create a simple wishlist. I have the creating part done but cannot figure out a way to view it. Right now I want to have soandso choose a name off of the list and then click submit and it displays everything for that user below. Unfortunately I cannot figure out what to do through dreamweaver to make it work.


Can anyone help me out.

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from what I have done with PHP under DW, I think you need to do at least these steps to display your records:


- set up a recordset (in the Server Behaviours), check the options and OK

- select dynamic Texts in Server Behaviours (I think that\'s what you want to do here) and specify your result set depending on what has been chosen on your wishlist pick form.


You need to tell DW when you set up the dyn text which form field depicts the reults record set (like writing the SELECT yourself).


ll in all, this doesn\'t sound very difficult. get a book on it. I can recommend \'Dreaweaver Foundation\' from FriendsofEd. It\'s a good book detailing DW and DW/PHP/mySQL basics. For more stuff on PHP/mySQL, get \"PHP and mySQL Web Development\" from L.Welling and L.Thomson.



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