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url trouble

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im working on a news script. It works fine exept for one little thing. When i use the <a> html tag, eg. I want to link to www.phpfreaks.com, the link turns out to be www.mysite.com/www.phpfreaks.com. Off course I don\'t want this. The news text is inserted to a \"text\" row in my table in the database.


Any tip would be appriciated :wink:



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No, not quite. But I will consider putting up a banner though.


I\'m gonna try to do some better explaining:


I have made a form, that inserts data into a table for my news script. When I want to create a link I use standard html <a href=\"www.bla-bla.com\">bla-bla</a> so i write this in my form. Then when I read the news in my index, the url is www.mysite.com/www.bla-bla.com which is not the correct url. The problem is that it automaticly adds \"www.mysite.com/\" in front of the adress I would like to link to.


And it\'s buggin\' me alot.

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