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how to print the value of a variable in the inline frame

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I have 2 pages



there is an inline frame in page one refers to page2...

the is a javascript in page2 such as

var inner_variable = "hello";

how can i print the value of this variable from the parent page "page1



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I am not really sure what do you mean by printing the value, but you can access the iframe document object using this code
var page2_doc = "";
function assign_page2(){
     page2_doc = document.getElementById('page2').contentWindow.document;
<body onload="assign_page2();">
<iframe id="page2" name="page2" src="page2.html"></iframe>

you can access any object in the page 2 using the page2_doc

P.S. Both pages must be in the same domain

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