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Using OsCommerce

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I am new at php and I am using OsCommerce for my store. I have been uploading products and changing a few things around on my site, such as the .gifs that are used as arrows, and heading markers and the like. However I am now getting the following error and no idea how to fix it or what it is really asking for. Any help would be appreciated. :)


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare do_magic_quotes_gpc() (previously declared in /***/compatibility.php:18) in /***/compatibility.php on line 30


my main page is w w w alleysgifts dot com

you can access it from the back side at w w w alleysgifts dot com /specials.php


Any input on this issue? email me at blani at comcast.net

Thank you for your time :)


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hmmm it seems like you allready solved it but anyhow for people in the future.

its most likely you included the same file twice


that or you declared the same function in different files.


next time use [ url ] [ / url ] for links

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