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help with mysql_free_result(int result);

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I was wondering if the mysql_free_result(int result); function can be used with a wildcard (ie, so it free\'s all results without you having to type each of the names in)?

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phpfreaks.com Example

Submitted by phpfreak - May 21, 2002

$sql = mysql_query(\"SELECT item1, item2 FROM yourtable order by item1\") or die (mysql_error());


while(list($item1, $item2)=mysql_fetch_array($sql)){

echo \"$item1 and $item2\";






How many concurrent queries are you running?

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i know how to use it, i just made a whole site without realizing i needed to release all the results, which means i gotta go through every single page, find every single query (and there is a lot of them, over 40 pages) that is stored in a variable array and free them after they have finished being useful.


i basically just want to know if there is any way to go to the end of each page and just type for example (don\'t try this, it doesn\'t work) mysql_free_result(*); and that way it would free all of them at once.


i just mainly want to know if i can save myself a lot of time and patience doing it an easy way rather than find out after i did it all :D

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