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wysiwyg editor problems

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[code]onclick="if (chkMode.checked) { chkMode.checked=!chkMode.checked;SetMode(); } document.the_form.description.value = tbContentElement.DOM.body.innerHTML;"[/code]

the above is the javascript on a form which submits other fields and a wysiwyg editor which appears to come into a hidden field labeled "description" like [code]<input type="hidden" name="description" />[/code]

Since i added another field there are problem with the javascript and i now get the following error in the i.e. dialogue document.the_form.description.value is null or not an object

I need some clues to debug the thing.


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my mind is that you should better use the 'id' method, instead of the 'name' method. ie:

If I get your idea, you could then try something like:
<div [b]id[/b]="description" style="display:none">Testing</div>

& to make the div/element visible:
document.getElementById('description').innerHTML="new contents";

you should get less errors, & the method is working with most~all of modern browsers,

Hoping it helps,,


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