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phpnuke + Sommaire + Multi-Dimensional Arrays


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I'm trying to fix an old phpnuke script called sommaire. Sommaire is like an advanced menu system.I have a massive amount of errors when I set error reporting to E_ALL, I know this can be turned off but I would also like to understand what the problem is.All the errors I am getting seem to me Undefined Index's and Offsets.




[23-Sep-2008 15:11:03] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  0 in sommaire.php on line 967


now the code relevant to this is


964		$now = time();
965		if (strpos($days_link[$groupmenu[$keysommaire]][$z],'8')!==false || $now<$date_debut_link[$groupmenu[$keysommaire]][$z] || ($date_fin_link[$groupmenu[$keysommaire]][$z]>0 && $now>$date_fin_link[$groupmenu[$keysommaire]][$z])) {
966		//il faut !== car si 8 est en première position, strpos retourne 0 (qui est différent de false, mais != ne fait pas la différence)
967		$linkclass=" class=\"sommaire_hidden\"";
968		}
969		else {
970			$linkclass="";
971		}


Can anyone explain why this error exists, The whole script seems to be using Multi-Dimensional Arrays???????


This is just one of many errors but If someone could help me understand this one I may be able to figure out the rest.


I have also attached the complete script in case it is needed.









[attachment deleted by admin]

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I was having a site with nuke and sommaire... I'm glad I moved.


The notice you're getting is indeed related to arrays, but there are no arrays in line 967...


Anyway it says, that there isn't a key in the array, for which the script tries to reference to... It's similar to undeclared variable. You can safely ignore this one I suppose.

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Then you must make sure, that arrays have all the indexes that are requested from them


$arr = array("foo" => "hoo", "bar" => "boo");

$a = $arr["baz"];   // this will trigger the notice

$arr["baz"] = NULL;

$b = $arr["baz"];   //now the notice is gone

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