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I need a little direction, for some reason I am stuck.

I administer a website for a finance company. There is a secure section where dealers login. The login information is stored in a table.

The navigation links are set by using $catArray = include("dealer_nav.php"); for example

in the dealer_nav there is a link that I would like to add a field in the table to say Y or N to allow applications to be processed online and then when they login it would check for this and disable that link in the navigation

If anything needs clarification feel free to email me or reply here and I will try to help the best I can

Thank you for your assistance in advance


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If I am following you, you want a set up where if the user has chosen A then it will do something else it won't? If I'm right I would add a field to the user's table in your database like, "activated" or something then when they make their decision it switches "activated" to on or off. By default it could be on. Then when you load the navigation it would check that the user was "activated" and act accordingly.

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My stab at this...

You need to add a field in the user table and set it to y or n or na

now, when they log on, you use a simple clause to display or not display the link based on the query...

or did I miss it entirely?

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Yes, that is how i probably would set it up. The table already has information such as a dealer number, address, etc.

If a field would be added I would call it allow credit app for example and have it be either a Y or N

Then I would need to query that table and if it is set to N, then the link on the navigation menu would need to disappear

Lets say I am basing the navigation menu off of this.

I want to be able to disable the newsletters link for example if the dealer would login and have N in the field i create

return array (
"home:Home" => array ("block:index:Company Name"),
"history:History" => array ("block:index:Company Name"),
"payment:Make a Payment" => array("block:index:Make a Payment"),
"newdeal:New Dealer Inquiry" => array ("dealer_inquire:index:Master Account Information"),
"dealers:Dealer Login" => array ("dealer_forward:index:Registered Dealer Login"),
"case:Case Studies and Testimonials" => array ("block:index:Case Studies and Testimonials"),
"newsletters:Newsletters" => array ("block:index:Newsletters"),
"press:Press Releases" => array ("block:index:Press Releases"),
"special:Special Promotions" => array ("block:index:Special Promotions"),
"careers:Careers" => array ("block:index:Careers"),
"contact:Contact Us" => array ("block:index:Contact Information"),

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