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Db design question

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Hello everybody,


Question: topic, under that sub-topics,under that articles


For each topic there could be some 20 sub-topics and for each subtopic there could be some 1000 or 2000 or more articles.


For example, if i have a topic 1 and under that sub-topic1, sub-topic2, sub-topic3, sub-topic4 and if have 1000 or 2000 articles for each subtopic, then i cant imagine the size now;-)


So, could you please tell me the best idea how i can get the design.


But, this is true: For each topic, there are many sub-topics and for each sub topic there are many articles.


My previous design was: 3 tables-[topic(topic_id, topic_name), subtopic(subtopic_id, topic_id, subtopic_name), articles(article_id, subtopic_id, article_name, article_content)


How could you suggest me now??each topic a table or some thing like that.


A nice explanation would help me more.


Thank you so much

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u can do that like this:

u create a table

than create groups

than insert the articles to this groups

u can find group example in mysql manual

see u later...

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