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osCommerce template help


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When I upload all of my files and folders i can use the user and password I set up on A-plus.net in the initial setup i get when i go to the website.


But i want to change the look and products on the website. And i want to make those changes on my local server.


So my first question is: When they ask for user name and password It should work with the one I set up for MySQL correct? Also for database server its localhost, but what would my DB server name be? I keep getting an error. My thinking is that I do not have any db's for this template in my SQL.


Which leads me to my next question. Where inside the template would the db files be located, and how do i transfer them to mysql through phpmyadmin?



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You should also have a local copy of the database.


COnfiguration file of oscommerce can be found at catalog->includes->configure.php


And also for changing the look and feel there are a couple of files to be changed which are


1. catalog->includes->header.php

2. catalog->includes->column_left.php

3. catalog->includes->column_right.php

4. catalog->index.php

5. catalog->includes->footer.php

6. catalog->stylesheet.css


PS: If you need professional help, just let me know.







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